Our Guide to Toothbrushing

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Hi, I’m Tom from Toothpaste, and welcome to our guide to toothbrushing.

The Two Main Factors in Toothbrushing: Time and Technique

There are two main factors in toothbrushing, time and technique. And although it’s possible to get the best results with both an electric and a manual toothbrush, it is easiest with an electric, so I’ll start with that.

Brushing the Gums as Well as the Teeth

Although we call it toothbrushing, it’s really important to remember to brush the gums as well. Where most people miss is deep in between the teeth and around the gum line.

Using an Electric Toothbrush

So, starting off with the electric toothbrush, we place it at a 45-degree angle and hold it on each tooth for two or three seconds. A gentle rocking or pulsing action will help to get the bristles deeper in between the teeth.

The Correct Motion

After two or three seconds, we move onto the next tooth. Two or three seconds, on to the next tooth. All the way around the outside, and then onto the inside.

Toothbrush Positioning at the Front of the Mouth

At the front of the mouth, you may find it a little bit easier by placing the toothbrush on like that.

Toothbrushing with a Manual Toothbrush

Now, with a manual toothbrush, we’re aiming to reproduce those vibration-like actions.

Mimicking an Electric Toothbrush with a Manual One

So, again, place the toothbrush on at a 45-degree angle. And again, short, vibration-like action, almost trying to mimic the electric toothbrush, will help those bristles to get deep in between the teeth.

Avoiding Big Sweeping Actions

Temptation with an electric or manual toothbrush may be to do big, sweeping actions. Not only is that going to be less effective at cleaning the gums, pulling the bristles away from the area where they need it, it’s also going to be more abrasive on the teeth and the gums as well.

The Duration of Toothbrushing

Now, we want to be brushing for two minutes, every morning and evening.

Two Minutes of Brushing

Two minutes can feel like 10 minutes when you actually come to do it. So, with the electric, just make sure you follow it to the end of the timer.

Using a Stopwatch with a Manual Toothbrush

With a manual toothbrush, it’s really worth trying to remind yourself a couple of times a week by setting a stopwatch and making sure we hit that two-minute mark.

Adequate Brushing Time

Two minutes feels like 10 minutes, so if you’re not bored, you probably haven’t been brushing for long enough.

Dealing with Bleeding or Tenderness

Final thing to remember is, if you notice any bleeding or tenderness when you brush your teeth, don’t back off.

Persisting Through Discomfort

A lot of people think they’re doing something wrong, but you will not be able to make healthy gums bleed with either an electric or a manual toothbrush. So, linger on in those areas.

Gentle Persistence

Don’t push harder or faster, but just stay there, very gently persisting for a little bit longer each time. And over the next few days and weeks, you’ll notice that inflammation start to settle.

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