Do you need a crown?

If you have a broken, decayed or brittle tooth, a porcelain crown is a strong, long-lasting ceramic restoration that can help to strengthen and preserve it.

Simple, EffectivePrevent damaged teeth from further deteriorating.

With a crown, you can say goodbye to painful biting, chewing or speaking. Placed like a cap, over the damaged tooth, the crown enables its complete function. It will also aesthetically enhance your smile since it replaces the outward appearance of any unsightly cracks, chips or discolouration from decay in your natural tooth.

Crowns may be used in conjunction with other restorative treatments and are a great option when a filling is not suitable due to weakness of the tooth structure. Adding a crown may defer the need for tooth removal by enhancing strength and durability.

A very common dental treatment, crowns are simple, effective and we have systems in place to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible. They are carefully constructed to match the opposing tooth aesthetics and height to ensure no change in your bite.

If your dentist feels that a crown would be the best solution to prevent further decay or to strengthen a weakened tooth, they will discuss the options with you and help you to make the best decision for you.

  • Restores complete function of a damaged tooth
  • Covers cracks, chips or discolouration
  • Strengthens the tooth
  • Defers tooth removal
  • Carefully match to compliment your smile

Types of crownsMaterials that can be used to make a crown for either front or back

Material Advantages Disadvantages Price
Full Porcelain Crowns (EMAX or EMPRESS) Strong, white natural appearance with no metal. Multiple shades, colours, transparencies and opacities. Can potentially fracture with time. $1,550 - $1,800
Porcelain Crowns Fused To Metal White and strong, long-term tried and tested solution Can look less ‘toothlike' when compared to a full porcelain crown and can fracture away from the underlying metal with time. $1,550 - $1,800
Gold Crowns Strong, (will never break), non-irritant precious metal, less removal of tooth structure. Appearance, cost of gold. $1,800 - $2,200
Zirconia Crowns White, incredibly tough material. A very strong solution that is unlikely to ever facture. Even though white in colour it can look opaque and not quite the same as a natural tooth. $1,550

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