Are your wisdom teeth causing you problems?

If one or all of your wisdom teeth feel like a party crasher, showing up late and causing chaos, we can help.

Get relief from pain

While some wisdom teeth never come up for air, most people begin to notice theirs growing in during late adolescence or early adulthood. Problems can arrive when there isn’t enough room in your mouth to house these additional teeth or if they erupt in a problematic way. Wayward wisdom teeth can cause discomfort, infection or other issues. If this is your experience, it’s wise to book an appointment with one of our dental professionals to assess whether it’s best to have one or more of them removed.

At Toothpaste Family dentistry, we monitor kids’ oral health for signs that their wisdom teeth might be poised to cause some trouble. Some wisdom teeth can be removed at our practice under local anaesthetic or, for more complicated cases, we can provide a referral for an oral surgeon.

Removing wisdom teeth earlier rather than later can mean:

  • Fewer orthodontic problems due to reducing overcrowding
  • Preventing damage to nearby teeth in cases where wisdom teeth come up at an angle
  • The prevention of oral disease and/or inflammation
  • A reduction in orofacial pain

When do wisdom teeth need removal?

At Toothpaste, we only consider wisdom tooth removal if it is causing issues in your mouth. This is usually only the case if there is not enough space in your mouth for wisdom teeth to come through. What tends to happen in such instances is that the tooth will come through at an angle and may start pushing against an adjacent tooth, creating irritation in the gum and cheek that may result in pain.

When this occurs, the wisdom tooth is called an impacted tooth and this can lead to tooth decay, gum infection, jaw cysts and damage to other teeth. If extraction of your wisdom tooth (or teeth) is the best solution to address pain and inflammation—or to prevent it—we will recommend this procedure to you. In most cases we will be able to complete this for you in our surgery but if x-rays show that the procedure may be more complicated, we may refer you to a specialist oral surgeon to perform the procedure under general anaesthetic in hospital.

Something you’re not 100% on?

Our Frequently Asked Questions, might answer your question. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly for further information. Make sure to book in for regular check-ups with Toothpaste Family Dentistry.

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We strongly recommend you attend for a full check up to properly assess and address all of your concerns. We are willing to book you in for a limited consult to deal with a specific issue but please be aware that this blinkered approach may result in greater issues in the long run.

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