Do you need a dental bridge?

An effective tooth replacement option that looks and feels like your real tooth

Prevent problems that can arise from missing teeth

Missing teeth can result in changes to your bite and speech and increase the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease down the track. They can also change the shape of your face with some missing teeth leading to a sunken in appearance of your cheeks. A dental bridge is a tooth replacement option that uses neighbouring healthy teeth to support a false tooth and a fixed dental bridge. This usually requires that the healthy supporting teeth are shaped with dental crowns placed on top in order for the bridge to be attached and fill the gap.

Designed to look and feel like your real teeth, dental bridges seamlessly fit into your bite for a natural looking smile. They are an ideal long-term solution for patients who would like to avoid more invasive tooth replacement procedures or in instances where there is not sufficient bone to support an implant.

Advantages of a dental bridge include:

  • It is bonded in place and feels similar to your natural teeth
  • Prevent remaining teeth from moving out of the correct position
  • Maintain the shape of your face
  • Prevent issues with chewing and speaking

The different types of dental bridges

A conventional bridge attaches two crowns placed on the neighbouring healthy teeth with the false tooth in between.

A maryland bridge is less invasive than a conventional bridge as it uses porcelain or metal wings that sit hidden at the back of your teeth to support the false tooth.

Then the cantilevered bridge attaches to only one tooth. This type of dental bridge is a little less invasive but most commonly only chosen if there is just one healthy tooth that’s strong enough to act as a support.

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