Children’s or Pediatric Dentistry

Treating two year old through to teens, Toothpaste is all about making your child’s dental experience as comfortable as possible.

Family-friendly dentistIs your child frightened of the dentist?

At Toothpaste Family Dentistry, we’re on a mission to get kids to LOVE their dental experiences. Our practice is set up with an iPad in the waiting room and a television on the ceiling in our jungle-themed practice room so they can watch their favourite show on Netflix through their examination—oh, and fun little showbag on the way out!

It’s so important to take your child to the dentist from the age of two—both because this is when they need their first oral health exam and to start getting them acclimatised to the experience of visiting the dentist. We understand that there can be nervousness or fears involved and we want to create happy, positive visits from the very start.

So whether you’re looking for a family-friendly dentist for your child’s first visit or have had a less than satisfying experience elsewhere, we hope to see you in our practice soon.

  • A fun, caring environment
  • Dentists who love working with kids
  • Watch Netflix while in the chair
  • Jungle-themed practice room
  • Showbags on the way out

Gentle Positive ExperienceWhat does a child’s dental exam look like?

Your child will meet one of our friendly dentists and have an opportunity to get used to the high-tech chair. Depending on how comfortable they feel, we will most often just leave it at an oral examination to make sure there’s nothing unusual going on with the teeth and gums.

We build in time to create a gentle, positive experience that is often accompanied by plenty of giggles for both the child and the parent! We also encourage you and your child to ask any questions you like.

As well as the oral examination, our dentist will assess your child’s growth and development and identify any risk of dental decay. We also spend time educating the child (and parent) on brushing techniques and the importance of healthy nutrition for strong teeth.

Once the child is aged six or over, our dentists may decide to take a radiograph (X-ray) which reveals what’s between the teeth and under the gum line. As well as spotting any cavities, it also shows the number, position and size of teeth under the gums and can identify any crowding which is an early sign of possible future orthodontic treatments. We use digital radiographs which utilise much lower levels of radiation than traditional radiographs, making them a safer option for all ages.

Can you take advantage of the Child Dental Benefits Schedule?

In Australia, children aged between two and 18 years may have access to a means-test basic dental care through the public system—all part of the Commonwealth-funded Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS). To check if your child is eligible for the CDBS go to the Department of Human Services website.

Benefits for basic dental services, including examinations, X-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals and extractions are capped at $1000 per child over two consecutive calendar years. There is no waiting list for these sessions,the young patient will be given the next available appointment or can be scheduled at a time suitable for you.

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