Prevent further damage and restore a tooth back to its original shape and function

Preventive careImprove longevity of a damaged tooth.

If your tooth has been affected by decay, your dentist may recommend a filling. Made from a number of different materials, fillings can be used to repair any tooth in the mouth.

Thanks to modern anaesthetics and the way they are administered, getting a filling is virtually painless. Your dentists will start by numbing the tooth and the area around it. Once they have confirmation from you that the anaesthetic has taken effect, they will remove any decay.

The objective is to leave as much of the sound, natural tooth structure behind as possible. Your dentist will then disinfect and dry the cavity before putting a filling material (usually composite resin) in place. Once the material has hardened, the filling will be shaped to look and feel the way your natural tooth did.

Sometimes your dentist may recommend a fissure seal instead of a filling. The pits and fissures in the back teeth are sometimes so deep that it’s impossible for the bristles of a toothbrush to keep the surface clean which can make it a breeding ground for bacteria and result in decay. The fissure seal, is a dental sealant that fills the pits and fissures and becomes a barrier to plaque, bacteria and food debris.

  • Looks and feels like your natural tooth
  • Prevents further damage from spreading
  • Anaesthetics mean little pain and discomfort
  • A common and easy procedure
  • Restore your tooth’s complete function

Prevent further damageDo you really need a filling?

At Toothpaste Family Dentistry, we believe in as little intervention as possible until absolutely necessary. This means we only recommend fillings when we believe that it is the only way to prevent further damage or decay from occurring.

When working with children, we aim to start early with dental care to prevent the need for any fillings in little mouths. However, in the instances where fillings are required, we take the time to discuss this in detail with both parents and kids before proceeding.

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